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2002 Daewoo Flex Concept

The 2002 Daewoo Flex Concept, unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show, aimed to showcase GM Daewoo's rejuvenated brand image, especially in its home market. Nick Reilly, GM Daewoo's President and CEO, envisioned the Flex as a forward-looking, high-tech, and customer-oriented vehicle.

The Flex, a large MPV, boasted a clean and well-resolved exterior design, defying the typical Korean concept car aesthetics. Its front design featured a dark grey graphical theme integrated into the Daewoo grille, reminiscent of previous Daewoo concept cars like the Mirae from 1998. The A-pillars lifted above the windscreen base, softening the car's profile, while the body's complex lines included concave sections, sharply defined shoulders, and unique lower feature lines.

At the rear, the Flex showcased influences from the Avantime, with a wrap-around rear screen and a slight bustle, effectively reducing the rear overhang. However, the interior of the Flex lacked the maturity seen in its exterior design, featuring thin and austere seats with exposed metal structures and an instrument panel resembling a home entertainment system mixed with elements from the Ford 24/7 concept.

In contrast, the 2002 Daewoo Oto Concept followed a different design language from the Flex, resembling a coupe/SUV hybrid. Despite its lower stance, the Oto offered seating for seven, with rear access through suicide rear doors. Its design successfully blended SUV and coupe cues, reminiscent of vehicles like the Bertone Sportut of 1998 or the Jeep Compass.

Both the Oto and Flex concepts hinted at production vehicles that GM Daewoo might soon introduce, showcasing a modern European aesthetic and innovative design cues that could elevate the brand's image in the market.

Source & Images: Daewoo

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