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Nissan Unveils Four NEV Concepts at Beijing Motor Show: Epoch, Epic, Era, Evo

Nissan made a significant splash at Auto China 2024 with the unveiling of four innovative New Energy Vehicle (NEV) concepts, each tailored to cater to specific lifestyles and driving preferences. Under the theme of "A new Nissan for a new era in China," the Japanese automaker showcased these concepts alongside its commitment to electrification and sustainable mobility.

Nissan Epoch Concept: Enhancing Urban Lifestyles

The Nissan Epoch Concept takes center stage as an all-electric sedan designed for urban and suburban go-getters who prioritize modern design and advanced technologies. Boasting an AI-expanded Internet of Things (IoT) system, this concept vehicle offers seamless connectivity and a virtual personal assistant that enhances comfort and convenience by recognizing emotions. With its sleek exterior and innovative features, the Epoch Concept embodies Nissan's vision of future urban mobility.

Nissan Epic Concept: Adventure-Ready EV SUV