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1950s Concept Cars

Story Cars is bound to be the largest concept car archive, news & forum destination.

 About Story Cars

Discover the incredible stories behind unique cars with Story Cars. Since 2019, we've been on a mission to share the fascinating histories of these vehicles, giving them the spotlight they deserve.

Tired of seeing cool cars online with no backstory? Us too. That's why every post on Story Cars comes with its own tale, giving you a deeper appreciation for the rides you love. We're proud to be the biggest archive for concept cars from the 1960s to the 1990s. Plus, we've got the largest collections of Flying Cars, Soviet Concept Cars, and Shooting Brakes – with more to come!

We're everywhere you are! Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more. Wherever you scroll, we'll be there, sharing the stories that make cars so special.

 Meet Our Pit Crew

Nick Fernandez, MBA


Francesc F. Fontes

Chief Editor

Connor Cota


 Hear From Our Fans

Story Cars attracts interest from all individuals, even outside of the automotive industry, such as influencers, photographers, musicians, and historians.

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Why collaborate with Story Cars? We have immense reach across social platforms, our owned-and-operated website, and email campaigns. 

Our Numbers (Last Updated April 2024)


141K Followers | 9.9M Total Reach | 868K Content Interactions


160K Monthly Visitors | 65% Google Traffic • 21% Direct • 14% Other | 10% Bounce Rate | Avg. Session Duration of 7 Min 33 Sec (91st Percentile Worldwide)


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We give brands the unique opportunity to sponsor posts that align with their brand while providing a competitively priced backlink opportunity. This includes a Dofollow Backlink, optional sponsorship blurb, and optional logo placement.

  • Pricing: $150 per Backlink

  • Sample: We created a custom backlink and sponsorship opportunity for Classic Elite Chevy Sugarland

  • Process: Fill out the form below, select an existing article from our website, or propose a new topic. A sample screenshot is provided, and payment is sent. The invoice is sent via email and published once payment is received.

 Sponsored Social Media Post

An opportunity to tap into Story Cars' 12M+ potential reach via our four main social media properties (Instagram, Facebook, Threads & X (formerly Twitter). Content must be relevant to concept cars, prototypes, custom one-offs, movie cars, or automotive history. We are open to proposals and can also assist with creative ideas.

  • Pricing: $500 per Post

  • Samples:

  • Process: Complete the form provided to suggest a post topic, or let our team propose a digital mockup for your approval. Once an invoice is sent via email and payment is made, your post will be published. Brands have the option for collaborative tagged posts, paid partnership posts, or simple tagged posts.

 Premier Placement Opportunities

Opportunities to have branded opportunities placed throughout Story Cars' properties are nearly limitless. Below are a few options, along with terms and estimated impact. Have another idea in mind? Contact us below.

  • "Content sponsored by @_ " is placed in the bios of Instagram, Facebook, Threads & X (formerly Twitter).

    • Pricing: $1800/year​

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    • Pricing: $1250/year​

    • Est. annual impressions: 2M annual views ($0.63 CPM)

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