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Well done in compiling such information and sharing it with the rest of us!"

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"We love the content! It’s our favorite thing when we find a car we’ve never heard of.

Your page has few cars we have heard of! Very educational, fun and full of the spirit that makes the car community great!"


"To all of us who love classic and concept cars, you are a hero for sharing them!"

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"Growing up I used to love hot wheels for the obscure cars they would put out that would let your imagination run wild. I feel like the story cars page brings that same feeling back...showing you the most imaginative cars ever invented, a lot of them never went into production but that makes it even more fun to find out about something that was almost an everyday product that most people have never heard of or seen."

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"Bringing Unknown Cars to the Light"

     My goal is to provide an experience of novelty and education.

Story Cars provides novel, thought-provoking media.

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Story Cars Nick Fernandez

Nick Fernandez


Hey! I'm the one who started this mess! I specialize and work in the marketing industry. As a pastime, I LOVE CARS! I got inspired to start this page after time and time again seeing wacky, wicked cars online that had zero context. As a classic car enthusiast, I took it into my own hands to dig up the information. Story Cars started out as a pastime but has changed my life. I've gotten to meet and interact with figures and pages in the car industry (a few of them are listed below). It has been a dream come true and I look forward to what the future holds!

Story Cars Connor Cota

Connor Cota

Twitter Manager

Hello! My name is Connor Cota, I'm a junior at the University at Albany studying Journalism and Political Science. My job here at Story Cars is that of the Twitter manager. I got my start in cars the day I turned 16 when my dad taught me how to drive our 2008 5-speed Honda Civic. As we stopped at my first hill, after hastily dumping the clutch, I realized something major: wow you can spin those tires! From there, down the rabbit hole I went and into the world of cars I found myself. I drive a 1990 Nissan 300ZX now, living my JDM dreams, writing to you all to appeal to yours. That's the fun here at Story Cars, bringing our passions together, by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

Story Cars Francesc Fontes

Francesc F. Fontes


Ei, my name is Francesc and I live in Barcelona. Since childhood, I've been a car enthusiast and expressed passions for the automotive world and its many facets. These facets being prototype design, classic cars, racing cars, elegance contests, auctions, and more. I'd like to share this passion with my colleagues and with all our followers through Story Cars.

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