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Our Goal

If you're new to Story Cars, here's a little rundown. Our goal is to preserve the stories of cars via our social media, website, and our magazine.


This website and our social media bring lesser-known cars to the light. These cars range from one-off prototypes to movie cars to custom cars. Every car has a story, and we want to make them known!

What We Do

  • Post across 8 social platforms

  • Videos & photos paired with captions

  • Archiving classical, rare vehicles

  • Write & publish an annual magazine

  • Network with car enthusiasts

  • Support other car pages


Meet Our Team

Our team includes three petrolheads who volunteer their time to deliver quality details, photos, and videos of the cars that shaped the industry. Want to learn more about who we are and what we do? Scroll over the photos or contact us. We'd be happy to chat.


Nick Fernandez started Story Cars in February of 2019 because something was missing. As he did his routine through his Instagram explore page, automotive content posted rare vehicles without a relevant caption. Those comment sections were filled with hopeless curiosity as enthusiasts guessed at the year, make, and model. Hence, the birth of Story Cars. An engaging and educational platform for petrol heads, engineers, and the naturally curious.

The Story Cars brand has reached ten platforms in only two years and gained over 200k cumulative followers. After only one year, there was a demand for a magazine, so the Story Cars staff grew to three car enthusiasts to meet the expectations. The next steps include publishing a book per decade, covering the wildly unknown vehicles of the 20th century.
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Who We Work With

Story Cars works alongside several companies. Some are hand-selected partnerships and others help deliver our products (clothes, magazines, etc.) to our fans. Interested in working with us? Send us a message!


Press Kit

Press Kit
Press Kit

Frequently asked questions

When was Story Cars started?

Since February of 2019, here are some of Story Cars milestones: • The Story Cars Instagram & Facebook was created in the spring of 2019. • www.story-cars.com was built during the winter of 2020. • The Story Cars Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts were created between the summer and fall of 2020. • Our first magazine was published in the summer of 2020.

Is Story Cars a not-for-profit?

Yes. Story Cars is run by three car enthusiasts volunteering their time to build an automotive community. All profits generated from creator funds and magazine sales are used to pay costs associated with hosting and our domain name.

Where is Story Cars based?

Although we don't have a physical location, our team is in Georgia, New York, and Barcelona.

Can I be featured in the Story Cars magazine?

Absolutely! Send your stories and photos to storycars@yahoo.com

Does Story Cars own all of the content on its page and social media?

No. All rights and credits are reserved to the respective owner(s). We do our best to garner approval from the original owners and link the sources appropriately. Send an email for credit or removal requests (no copyright intended).

What does Story Cars do?

We are an automotive blog that focuses on concept and rarity. We are actively present on eight social media accounts and website. We also publish a magazine every summer.