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1982 Lada X-2 Concept

The 1982 Lada X-2 Concept stands as a continuation of the innovative pursuit initiated by its predecessor, the 1981 Lada X-1 Concept. Both prototypes were envisioned by VAZ as explorations into the minivan category, even though neither advanced beyond the plasticine model stage.

With a focus on compactness, the X-2 aimed to refine the minivan concept further. Similar to the X-1, a full-scale plasticine mock-up was created to bring its design to life. Additionally, a 1:5 scale model with glazed windows was meticulously crafted, capturing the concept's essence for visual representation.

While the X-2, like its predecessor, didn't result in operational vehicles, it demonstrated a continued commitment to innovation within the realm of minivan design. These prototypes provide an intriguing glimpse into the creative endeavors and forward-thinking concepts of their time.

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Images: АВТОВАЗ; «ВЫСОКОЙ МЫСЛИ ПЛАМЕНЬ» Книга третья - Научно-технический центр АВТОВАЗ - СТРАНИЦЫ ИСТОРИИ (1986 - 2006);

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