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1981 Lada X-1 Concept

The 1981 Lada X-1 Concept (predecessor to the 1982 Lada X-2 Concept) represents a remarkable and enigmatic chapter in the world of automotive design. Developed by VAZ, the parent company of Lada, this prototype minivan was envisioned as a groundbreaking innovation, although it never progressed beyond the layout stage.

The X-1's design featured a distinctive drop-shaped body with an aerodynamic aesthetic that anticipated its time. Often mistaken for the Okhta due to their similar body shapes, the X-1 stood out for its unique vision. Despite its promising appearance, the X-1 was overshadowed by its more technologically advanced counterpart, the NAMI-Okhta.

Inside, the X-1 exhibited an inventive approach with its transformative interior. The seven-seater layout incorporated movable seats, swiveling tables, and a versatile third row – a concept that foreshadowed the future of minivan designs.

While the X-1's legacy is shrouded in mystery and limited to a handful of photographs and its creation year, it remains a testament to the innovative spirit of its time, leaving an indelible mark on the world of automotive design.

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