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1971 TVR Zante (SM-250)

This was a prototype car designed by Harris Mann and commissioned by Martin Lilley with sports estate fiberglass bodywork by Specialised Mouldings in Huntingdon and built based upon a TVR Vixen 2500 M series multi-tubular chassis, first displayed at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1971 as an engine-less rolling chassis. In 1972 the running prototype was completed, powered by a Triumph 2.5litre 6-cyl engine. Saved from the TVR factory yard and would appear to have spent some time in the USA powered by an SBF 289ci V8?, but since around 2008/09 is with a TVR enthusiast in Germany, undergoing lengthy restoration. In the late 90’s AC Cobra manufacturer Gardiner Douglas considered producing their MSE (Motor Sport Estate), which may have shared modified Zante bodywork, but on their Cobra chassis?