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1977 Toyota CAL-1 Concept

The 1977 Toyota CAL-1 Concept, introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show and later showcased at the 1978 Chicago Auto Show, was a leisure-oriented preview version of the Celica XX, featuring a modified rear section tailored for recreational use. This innovative concept quickly captured the attention of visitors with its ability to transform the rear section into a deck resembling a pickup truck or a cruiser with rumble seats.

Based on the prototype Supra, which itself was an extended version of the Celica, the CAL-1, along with the Supra and the new generation Celica, shared a common origin – all three were designed at Calty, Toyota's California design studio. Despite being designed in California, the CAL-1 retained a right-hand drive configuration and Japanese front-mounted mirrors.

The distinctive feature of the CAL-1 was its rear decking, which could be opened to reveal a pair of rear seats. Additionally, the rear window could be opened, serving as a wind deflector for the rear passengers. The versatility of the concept extended further, allowing portions of the rear decking to be removed, transforming the CAL-1 into a pickup.

The front design mirrored that of the upcoming Supra (not yet in production) and bore similarities to the 1979 facelift applied to the Celica. This fusion of innovative design, practical adaptability, and a touch of California flair showcased Toyota's commitment to pushing boundaries and delighting auto enthusiasts with creative and functional concepts.

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