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2023 Renault H1st vision Concept

Renault's innovative crossover, H1st Vision, showcases the collaborative efforts of the Software République consortium, comprising major French companies. With its electric power plant and 20 cutting-edge technologies, H1st Vision reflects a new paradigm in mobility. Noteworthy features include biometric identification systems, comprehensive sensor networks, and cybersecurity based on machine learning algorithms.

H1st Vision, unveiled at the VivaTech exhibition, demonstrates a transformational shift in mobility experiences. It leverages facial and gait recognition, virtual assistant avatars, and immersive audio systems to provide passengers with personalized sound environments. Sensors embedded in the steering wheel monitor heart rates, while seat belts track breathing rates. Furthermore, the vehicle analyzes voice and facial expressions to detect signs of stress, offering aggregated medical data transmission and emergency services via satellite communication.

The crossover excels in monitoring the condition of various components, from suspension to tires, and supports V2X communication, NFT certificates, and V2G bidirectional power transmission. Its extensive data collection from road infrastructure enables the identification of potential dangers. With a focus on cybersecurity, the Software République consortium employs AI and ML algorithms to detect and mitigate hacker attacks, ensuring future models' protection.

This collaboration between Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics, and Thales aims to create a European ecosystem for sustainable, sovereign, and safe mobility. H1st Vision serves as a physical and virtual model, interconnected with digital and physical ecosystems, redefining the mobility experience beyond automotive standards. It incorporates 20 operational innovations designed to prioritize the well-being of drivers, passengers, and other road users.

Developed in a record time of six months by a team of 100 individuals, H1st Vision exemplifies the potential of open innovation for industrial projects. Software République's vision aligns with its ambition to launch 10 new services, incubate numerous startups, and offer services worldwide by 2025. As a connected object bridging physical and virtual realms, H1st Vision represents a powerful collaboration among the consortium's members, propelling Europe as a prominent hub for future mobility.

Source:; Renault Group Press Release

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