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2023 Infiniti Vision Qe Concept

Infiniti, the luxury automotive brand, has unveiled the Vision Qe concept, providing a captivating preview of its forthcoming electric sedan. This concept not only embodies Infiniti's evolved design language but also sets the stage for its entry into the realm of all-electric vehicles.

Artistry in Motion:

The Vision Qe concept serves as a canvas for Infiniti's distinctive approach to "Artistry in Motion" in the era of electrification. Its design seamlessly integrates artistic details into a single fluid gesture, creating an aerodynamic fastback profile that exudes graceful motion.

Inspired by Japanese Philosophy:

The global design team drew inspiration from three Japanese philosophies – "Kabuku" for the extraordinary, "Sho" for speed and dynamism, and "Sui" for sophistication and purity. These philosophies converge to shape an evocative vision for Infiniti's future electric sedan.

Promise of Performance:

The body design, characterized by a gentle press along the bodyside and sculpted fenders, hints at the engaging and powerful performance expected from a future production version. The concept encapsulates the Japanese expression of "Sho," representing soaring with grace and power.

Symbolic Colors:

Finished in bespoke Shadow Blue paint enriched with lustrous gold highlights, the color palette symbolizes sophistication and complements Infiniti's refreshed visual identity anchored around blue and gold hues.

Distinctive Features:

  • Large wheels with a geometric pattern inspired by an electric motor's coil, treated in warm gold, add a striking visual element.

  • The signature double-arched grille, reimagined for the EV era, features sculpted lines and LED illumination.

  • Infiniti's "digital piano key" lighting signature, in a brilliant shade of gold, adorns the front and rear.

  • An animated sequence, akin to a key holder approaching, adds a touch of thoughtful hospitality, welcoming the owner back to the car.

Design Evolution:

Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for Global Design, noted the concept's sleek, low profile and tapered, muscular rear fenders express effortless motion and powerful purpose. The design captures the essence of a bird in flight – powerful, almost motionless, yet generating incredible speed.

The Infiniti Vision Qe concept represents a harmonious blend of Japanese inspiration, digital artistry, and a commitment to an electrified future.

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