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2023 Daihatsu Uniform Truck and Cargo Concepts

Daihatsu was set to showcase a diverse range of cars at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, highlighting its commitment to providing a rich mobility life for people through environmentally friendly and sustainable small cars. The exhibition "Staying Close to Our Customers and Enriching Their Lives" encapsulates Daihatsu's vision since its inception. The display will feature vehicles representing Daihatsu's historical evolution while staying connected with customers and concept cars envisioning the future.

The concept cars to be exhibited represent five ways of expressing Daihatsu's commitment to staying close to people and lives in the future mobility society. The UNIFORM Truck and UNIFORM Cargo, mini commercial vehicles of the future, embody the essence of a working vehicle, prioritizing ease of use for various work styles and purposes. With their lean designs, these vehicles aim to enhance workers' pride and broaden practical possibilities.

The UNIFORM Truck and UNIFORM Cargo feature a unique external power supply function, expanding their applications to include a mobile shop. The future Nibako loaded on the UNIFORM Truck, the flat cabin/luggage space that is easy to use and clean, and the use of removable interior and exterior parts enable these vehicles to be adaptable to various private situations and work styles.

  • Truck: Length × width × height: 3,395 mm x 1,475 mm x 1,885 mm; Wheelbase: 1,900 mm

  • Cargo: Length × width × height: 3,395 mm x 1,475 mm x 1,920 mm; Wheelbase: 2,450 mm

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