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2022 Citroën Oli EV Concept SUV

Citroën, which recently announced a change in logo and slogan, showed the Oli concept electric car. An unusual car with a strictly vertical windshield is a show car that is not destined to be reborn into a production car. However, Oli is an important model, which was not only the first to try on the new emblem but also introduced the brand's direction, which decided to bet on small-sized and affordable electric cars.

Citroën is positioning the Oli as the antithesis of heavy and electronically loaded modern electric vehicles. The concept, which has the spirit of the small Ami city car, weighs just 1,000 kilograms when running thanks to lightweight recycled materials and a relatively compact 40-kilowatt-hour battery.

Oli features are interchangeable exterior panels (for example, wheel arch extensions and bumpers can be swapped) and a vertical windshield. It is smaller, lighter, and cheaper to manufacture than standard windows but hurts aerodynamic drag. However, the electric car is not focused on high-speed races.

Several non-structural elements of the body are made of honeycomb board, which weighs half as much as steel but can support the weight of an adult. The inner rims of the 20-inch wheels are aluminum to reduce weight further. There are rails on the roof of the Oli, and at the back, there is a small cargo compartment that mimics pickup truck platforms.

The seats in the cabin are made using 3D printing technology. They use 80 percent fewer parts than regular chairs and therefore weigh less. The front panel did without giant displays, a trend for which some designers predicted a quick end. There are several physical switches, a simplified steering wheel, and a thin display dashboard that you can connect to from your smartphone. Removable Bluetooth speakers on the sides are responsible for the sound.

The characteristics of the power plant are not called, but the maximum speed is known - 110 kilometers per hour. The power reserve is 400 kilometers, and with the help of a quick charger, energy can be replenished from 20 to 80 percent in just 23 minutes.

Citroën changed its logo a couple of days ago. The company has brought back the 100-year-old emblem with a slight tweak: now the "double chevron" is again enclosed in a vertical oval, but the logo is entirely flat and monochrome.

Source: MotorRU

Images: Citroën

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