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1992 Renault Zoom

Styled very much of the era, Zoom was an urban and suburban concept car born of common research by Renault and Matra into modern electric vehicles. Zoom was a relatively early venture into the world of city runabouts and utilized an electric power system in addition to a variable wheelbase.


  • Exterior architecture optimizes vehicle footprint, thereby helping ease urban and suburban traffic flows

  • The modular wheelbase is variable between 2.65m and 2.30m when the vehicle is stopped. Width remains constant at 1.52m, which means Zoom is 23cm higher in retracted wheelbase configuration

  • Two beetle-wing doors mounted on 9É-inclined axes reduce lateral bodywork clearance to a minimum and make Zoom easy to use in the tightest of spots

  • Communication centre mounted between the two seats housing hands-free telephone and power-up control for Carminat navigation system

  • 25kW engine is 90 percent recyclable, contributing to the protection of the environment

Images: Renault;