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2002 DC Design Infidel Concept

The 2002 DC Design Infidel Concept, showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, presented an audacious design that aimed to make a statement on the international stage. Here are some key features and details about the Infidel Concept:

The Infidel's exterior design boasted an aggressive and visually striking appearance. It featured ultra-low-profile 225/40 Dunlop Sport 9000 tires mounted on large 19-inch alloys, contributing to its bold stance. The stunning optics, including front and rear lights, were developed in-house at significant expense, adding to the vehicle's overall aggressive look.

While the exterior of the Infidel impressed with its bold design language, the interior design fell slightly short in execution compared to the exterior. The dash was molded in-house and featured a centrally-mounted speedometer and tachometer. The steering wheel, sourced from Alpina and covered in leather, was typically found in tuned BMWs.

In preparation for its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, DC Design planned to further enhance the Infidel. This included a complete rework of the interior to meet internationally accepted standards. Additionally, slight revisions to the external styling were planned, such as replacing the silver finish panel between the rear lamps and updating the tail lamps.

DC Design, led by Dilip Chhabria, aimed to showcase India's design capabilities on a global platform with the Infidel Concept. The studio employed approximately 300 designers, engineers, and model makers and has produced over 400 concept cars in its eight years of existence. The Infidel represented a pure prototype without a power unit or transmission, but it hinted at the potential installation of Porsche mechanics.

One of the Infidel's standout features was its interior layout, which aimed to blend modern cab-forward design with a classic, "Italian" arrangement of the power unit. The interior was meticulously crafted to achieve a harmonious balance between modernity and classic automotive design elements.

Overall, the Infidel Concept represented a bold endeavor by DC Design to make a mark on the global automotive stage, showcasing India's growing prowess in automotive design and innovation.


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