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2002 Colani Spitzer-Silo Truck

The success of the 2001 DAF Aero 3000 Truck by Colani again inspired Colani, and besides, a very powerful sponsor was found - the German tank manufacturer Spitzer-Silo, who ordered Colani immediately after the premiere of the Aero a demonstration show truck for the 50th anniversary of the company. With such powerful financial support, the professor outdid himself by creating, perhaps, his best truck, already the sixth in a row, first presented at IAA'2002 in Hannover.

Mercedes-Benz was again used as a “donor”, ​​this time an Actros model with a Mega Space cabin and a 340 hp engine. The profile of the main customer’s activities also turned out to be very opportune.

For the first time, Colani included a semi-trailer—a round-section tank — in the overall design layout. For this, the maestro specially developed an impressive aerodynamic perimeter body kit and fairings in the front and rear. The result was a holistic “bionic” image reminiscent of a huge whale in profile. Naturally, such careful work bore fruit: Cx was reduced to a record 0.3, and fuel consumption during the test run was only 20.91 liters per 100 km.

Of course, Professor Colani is a design genius. But like all geniuses, he was always a little out of this world, despite his worldwide fame, like his ingenious but never commercially produced highway tractors. Perhaps this is what trucks of the 22nd century will look like, but already hovering above the ground. This project followed the footsteps of the groundbreaking 2001 DAF Aero 3000 Truck, another creation by Colani that revolutionized truck design with its aerodynamic profile and innovative features.

Source & Images: Colani