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2002 Bertone Novanta Concept

The 2002 Bertone Novanta Concept stands as a testament to Bertone's legacy of innovation and design excellence. It commemorates the company's 90th anniversary with a visionary concept that merges advanced technology with timeless aesthetics.

Inspired by Nuccio Bertone's forward-looking philosophy, the Novanta Concept embodies the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive design. At its core lies SKF's revolutionary drive-by-wire technology, which revolutionizes the control of major driving systems and enables a reimagining of interior architecture.

The exterior design of the Novanta Concept is a harmonious interplay of concave and convex volumes, accentuated by sleek geometric lines that exude sophistication. A sculptured shoulder line runs the length of the vehicle, creating a sense of dynamic movement and visual momentum. The asymmetrical design, with a single door for the driver and two doors for passengers, adds a distinctive touch to its appearance.

The front grille, divided into three separate air inlets, commands attention and delivers air to the next-generation radiator housed beneath the central surface of the bonnet. Thin and horizontal headlamps cut through the grille, casting a bold and distinctive illumination. The Novanta Concept's rear features a dramatic trapezoidal window and sleek rear light clusters, enhancing its sporty character and aerodynamic profile.

Under the hood, the Novanta Concept is powered by a potent 6-cylinder V-twin engine with a 3-liter turbocharger, delivering at least 300 horsepower. This powertrain, based on a Saab drivetrain, ensures exhilarating performance befitting of a high-class and pleaser car.

With its innovative design, advanced technology, and celebratory spirit, the Bertone Novanta Concept stands as a fitting tribute to Bertone's illustrious 90-year history. While it may not evoke the same aesthetic charm as cars designed by Giugiaro, it represents a bold and forward-thinking vision of automotive excellence.

Source & Images: Carrozzeria Bertone s.p.a.