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2001 Suzuki SX Concept

The 2001 Suzuki SX Concept, unveiled at the New York Auto Show, represented the idea of "Sports Crossover" (SX), intending to bridge the gap between a sports sedan and an SUV. The concept aimed to combine thrilling sport sedan performance with the convenience of an SUV for cargo-toting.

Key features of the SX Concept included a supercharged, 220-horsepower engine, providing high-performance capabilities. The 2.0-liter, all-aluminum, DOHC, 16-valve, inline four-cylinder engine drew from Suzuki's championship-winning experience in building compact, high-revving Superbike power plants. The incorporation of a supercharger aimed to boost output to 220 horsepower, recalling Suzuki's Pike's Peak International Hill Climb winners.

The exterior design showcased a sharp and aggressive appearance with a wide stance, big blister fenders, 17-inch alloy wheels, and low-profile 225/45 tires. Bold and aerodynamic features included beefy bumpers, an integrated spoiler, lower-edge skirts, a practical clamshell hatch at the rear, dual centerline exhausts, and a stinger-like radio antenna.

Styling highlights of the SX Concept encompassed contrasting panels of metallic paint on bumpers and door handles, distinct prism-type headlights, vertical fog lamps for a futuristic front end, and glowing green backlighting on headlights, mesh grille, and hood badge. The pearl paint transformed from a reddish hue in shade to a striking, bright yellow in daylight.

The interior design featured sporty leather seats with black and yellow trim, emphasizing the driver-focused nature of the car. The cabin included forward-mounted A-pillars, a high roofline, and a spacious interior with excellent visibility. The dark gray and yellow color scheme with metalized details provided a modern, high-tech appearance. Convenience elements included fold-down rear seats, a clamshell hatch, and ample cargo capacity.

The SX Concept aimed to showcase Suzuki's design capabilities and commitment to practical fun. Suzuki planned to introduce a production vehicle based on the SX, expected to reach the U.S. market in spring 2002. The production car aimed to bridge the gap between Suzuki's versatile cars and nimble SUVs, expanding the company's lineup. The SX Concept exemplified Suzuki's tradition of introducing unique, affordable vehicles and contributing to emerging vehicle categories.

Source & Images: Suzuki