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2001 Stola S82 Concept

Stola, a well-established engineering and metal parts manufacturer with a presence in Italy, France, Brazil, and India, made a discreet debut of its concept cars at the Milan Design in Motion exposition. Notably, Stola presented its fourth concept car, the Italia S82 Spyder, designed by retired Pininfarina chief designer Aldo Brovarone. This followed previous concept cars like the 1996 Fiat Stola Dedica and the 1998 Abarth Monotipo, both styled by Brovarone.

Stola's earlier concept, the 2000 Stola S81 Concept, was unveiled at the 2000 Turin auto show, showcasing the design expertise of Marcello Gandini. The Italia S82 Spyder, however, took inspiration from the timeless Porsche 550-1500 RS Spyder of the 1950s and reimagined the contemporary Porsche Boxster. Stola retained the Boxster's original headlamps, rear lamps, and interior while making significant modifications to the body panels, creating a unique reinterpretation.

The Italia S82 Spyder paid homage to classic Porsche design elements, featuring a lowered windshield, absence of exterior door handles, air intake gills on the rear wings, a centrally positioned gas tank filler neck on the hood, and turn signal repeaters on the exterior mirror housings. The heart of this bespoke creation was a 3.7-liter flat-six engine equipped with two turbochargers, boosting its output to an impressive 450 horsepower. The performance was further emphasized by the inclusion of a Brembo racing brake system.

Stola's S81 concept, unveiled in 2000, was a distinct creation styled by Marcello Gandini. The S82 Spyder, revealed a year later, was a continuation of Stola's commitment to innovative automotive design. The company's decision to unveil these concepts in Milan, after the Geneva Auto Show, showcased their preference for a low-profile introduction.

The unique spider, named in honor of the 82nd anniversary of the Stola company, was envisioned as a limited-production model. Although it lacked Porsche crests, the Italia S82 Spyder embodied a fusion of classic racing history and modern automotive design, and Alfredo Stola, the company's head, intended to use it for occasional excursions, embracing the convertible driving experience envisaged by the designers.

Source & Images: Stola S.p.a.

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