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2001 Smart tridion4 Concept

In 2001, at the Frankfurt International Auto Show, MCC, a division of the DaimlerChrysler conglomerate known for producing compact Smart city cars, unveiled its latest concept—the Smart tridion4. This innovative concept marked a significant stride for Smart, being the first four-seater in its lineup, all while maintaining a size smaller than comparable models from other manufacturers.

True to Smart's design philosophy, the tridion4 was constructed using a Tridion steel roll cage, serving as the chassis's foundation. The Tridion frame, tailored for a four-seater configuration, contributed to the concept's unique nomenclature. To this frame, plastic body panels of the client's preferred color were affixed. A notable feature of the concept was the ability to change these panels at will, offering a customizable and dynamic aesthetic.

Beyond its adaptable exterior, the Smart tridion4 showcased interior innovation. The rear seat, when pulled forward, transformed into a small sofa, adding a touch of versatility to the compact four-seater. Additionally, recognizing the challenges in creating universal holders for bottles and glasses from various companies, MCC took a distinctive approach. Instead of accommodating existing designs, MCC decided to produce its own specially designed bottles perfectly suited for Smart cars.

Observers speculated on the possibility of mass production for the Smart tridion4. With one of the two Smart concept models—the convertible—already in the market and the coupe poised for mass production, the tridion4 hinted at Smart's commitment to inventive design and potential expansion of its product offerings.

Source & Images: MCC