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2001 Mitsubishi Space Liner Concept

The 2001 Mitsubishi Space Liner Concept made its debut at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show, presenting a futuristic and innovative approach to automotive design. This monobox four-seat concept vehicle showcased distinctive features, notably center-opening "suicide doors" and a revolutionary interior layout. The concept marked the introduction of Mitsubishi's new common "face," characterized by a curved lower grille edge and a sharp crease rising from the prominent corporate badge along the leading edge of the bonnet.

Designed with a vision for the more distant "future," the Space Liner aimed to redefine the organization of internal space within a car. The front seats were engineered to swivel, offering versatility in the seating arrangement. The rear of the vehicle featured a cozy sofa, enhancing comfort and relaxation. A notable feature was the removable steering wheel, which could be either placed inside the front panel or "rearranged" from right to left. It's worth mentioning that the vehicle did not incorporate a traditional pedal assembly.

The Space Liner concept embraced an electric wheel drive system powered by a fuel cell battery, aligning with Mitsubishi's commitment to exploring alternative and sustainable propulsion technologies. While the concept did not materialize into a production model, it served as a showcase of Mitsubishi's forward-thinking design philosophy and dedication to envisioning the future of automotive transportation.

Source & Images: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

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