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2000 Volvo PCC Concept

The 2000 Volvo PCC Concept stands as a testament to high-performance engineering, featuring a dynamically controlled chassis, four-wheel drive, and a potent 300 bhp 5-cylinder engine. This concept, developed in parallel with the new Volvo S60, serves as an engineering and design study exploring technical solutions and design structures for a high-performance European touring sedan.

In terms of design, the PCC boasts a subtle racing car appearance with its Laser Blue exclusive color, creating a vibrant and ever-changing effect resembling a lightning bolt. The front spoiler introduces additional air intakes with satin-silver grilles, directing airflow strategically. Satin-silver accents also highlight the rear bumper and airflow stabilizers, contributing to the car's sporty aesthetics.

The interior exudes sportiness and refinement, featuring deeply contoured leather seats with metallic effects, Nubuck suede inlay panels, ribbed aluminum foot pedals, and exclusive blue instrument panel gauges. Under the hood lies a robust 300 bhp 5-cylinder engine, transmitting power to all wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The most intriguing feature of the PCC is its unique continuously controlled chassis, known as Four-C (Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept). Developed in collaboration with Ohlins Racing AB, this system adjusts suspension damping characteristics for each wheel 500 times per second, optimizing performance or ride comfort based on driving conditions. The chassis offers three modes—Comfort, Sport, and Advanced Sport—allowing drivers to indicate their preferred driving style.

The PCC also features electronically managed all-wheel drive (AWD), developed with Haldex of Sweden. Integrated with the car's Multiplex electrical system, the AWD system optimizes four-wheel drive operation in conjunction with the DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) and Four-C systems. This results in precise control oversteering and understeering tendencies with remarkable stability, emphasizing road holding and dependable stability over off-road capabilities. The Volvo PCC Concept serves as a crucial step in defining the direction for feasible high-performance models in the future.

Images & Source: Volvo Car Corporation

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