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2000 Ferrari F100r by Fioravanti

At the Turin Motor Show, Fioravanti unveiled the open version of the F100, known as the F100r roadster, marking the completion of a program that began with the "challenge" coupé in '98 and continued with the roadster coupé at the '99 Milan Triennial Show.

The F100r, a new vision of Ferrari's Gran Turismo car, showcased Fioravanti's design philosophy as an alternative to the traditional style of Ferrari's long-time partner, Pininfarina. The roadster featured a mid-engine layout with a V10 engine, emphasizing simplicity and concise surfaces in the Italian style. The body, crafted with plastic, focused on minimal external decor, allowing the form to speak for itself.

The F100r incorporated several technical highlights, including rearview cameras replacing traditional mirrors, neon rear lights made of thin ring tubes, and a rear wing with a variable angle of attack. This innovative wing, capable of adjusting its angle, increased the load on the drive wheels for improved stability at high speeds, approaching 300 km/h. Additionally, the wing acted as an aerodynamic brake, enhancing the car's braking performance by increasing drag. Fioravanti's expertise in aerodynamics was evident, recalling their past achievement with a model featuring a coefficient Cx = 0.18 at the 1996 Turin Motor Show.

Source:; AutoMir Images: Fioravanti