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2000 Chrysler 300 Hemi C Concept

In a dazzling display of automotive ingenuity, DaimlerChrysler took the stage at the 2000 North American International Auto Show in Detroit to reveal the Chrysler 300 Hemi C, a concept car that seamlessly blends contemporary design, luxury, and the legendary power of the Hemi engine. This convertible, echoing the spirit of the iconic '57 Chrysler 300 C, captured the essence of motoring elegance while introducing the possibility of a return to an all-American V-8, rear-wheel drive luxury performance car.

Tom Gale, Executive Vice President of Product Development and Design, expressed the sentiment behind the Chrysler 300 Hemi C, stating, "This vehicle explores a direction we might take if we were to return to an all-American V-8, rear-wheel drive luxury performance car such as the famed '57 Chrysler 300 C convertible."

At the heart of this concept lies a prototype all-aluminum 353 cubic inch (5.7-liter) pushrod V-8 Hemi engine, boasting hemispherical combustion chambers and two spark plugs per cylinder. The estimated 353 horsepower and 353 lb.-ft. of torque deliver an exhilarating driving experience to the rear wheels through a robust four-speed automatic transmission.

What set this Hemi engine apart was its innovative fuel efficiency and emission control. The seamless automatic deactivation of four cylinders during highway driving and deceleration, coupled with a hydraulically shifted lost-motion feature, showcased the commitment to performance without compromise.