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1999 Toyota Will Vi

More than a new kind of vehicle, the WiLL Vi is a new way of marketing cars in Japan, and some analysts said it was the most significant vehicle of the Tokyo show. It was designed and built as a part of the Virtual Venture Company (VVC), a subset of Toyota that sought out partners in other Japanese industries (computers, beer, etc.) to create a new, common brand image for its youth-oriented products. A compact four-door sedan, the WiLL Vi is targeted at young women and has a nostalgic feel with its ribbed side panels and jaunty rear windshield shape. It’s got room for five, with just two options: a canvas roof and an upscale audio system. A variable valve-timing engine is equipped with a plastic intake manifold, and a column-mounted automatic transmission shifter adorns the back-to-basics dashboard.


Images Source: Toyota

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