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1999 Honda Spocket

The Spocket is an F-Mover that combines true driving pleasure with sports utility. This powerful combination is made possible by a futuristic open 2x2-seater design that opens up a new world of sporty mobility.

Credit for creating the spunky-looking Spocket concept vehicle goes to Honda R & D Americas, Inc., in Torrance, Calif. This two-tone prototype blended the best features from a convertible, pickup, and sports car into one vehicle. The 4-seat Spocket changed into a 2-place cockpit at the touch of a button, and the clamshell top retracted for open-air driving. Painted in striking bright red over gunmetal gray color, the Spocket featured tilt-up doors. Spocket was fitted with an advanced drivetrain that employed a hybrid gasoline-electric engine powering the front wheels and two in-wheel electric motors for the rear wheels to provide a full-time four-wheel drive.