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1997 Hyundai Tiburon Convertible

Tiburon (the first syllable rhymes with “bib”) sounds like the title of a John Wayne oat opera. In reality, it is the Spanish word for shark. Personally, I think the Hyundai Halibut would have been better. But let’s not be nattering nabobs of negativism. Let’s concede that the Tiburon has a lousy name and move on to the more noteworthy aspects of a nifty, modestly priced funster. The neatest thing about the Tiburon is the way it looks. This highly original hatchback coupe is based on the HCD-11 concept car, a creation of Hyundai California Design that made the auto-show rounds in 1993. Unlike most production cars based on concept vehicles, the Tiburon was not blanded down very much. Its styling is surprisingly close to that of the wonderfully wild HCD-11.


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