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1997 Daewoo Mya

Unless you're contracted to Mercedes-Benz, Gullwing doors are design shorthand for 'we will NEVER build this.' Hence 1996's Daewoo Mya, ironically perhaps the best-looking concept here, was destined to be never more than a show ornament. It did, however, signify Daewoo's recognition that it needed something to compete against Hyundai's popular Coupé, but like the open-top Daewoo Joyster, revealed the following year, the promise was never delivered.

"Mya" looks impressive. It was introduced at the British Motor Show. External data would suit even some "pure-blooded" Englishman like TVR. Everything is with him, and the 2 + 2 load-bearing body (4280x1700x1330 mm) with "seagull wing" type doors, and impressive aerodynamic devices, and 18-inch wheels, and a luxurious interior in which the driver's seat has ten servo adjustments, and a video set-top box is installed in front of the rear seats (children's, logically). However, behind the external aggressiveness lies a rather ordinary filling: the platform from "Leganza," the suspension — "MacPherson" in front and multi-link rear, the engine is a 2.0-liter 16-valve Australian-made, with a capacity of 136 hp. It is possible to argue with such a pedigree and "external data" with "Hyundai Coupe," but no more.

Source: Simon Hacker/MSN Cars; Журнал "Автомобили" 10-97, Владимир Матвейчук (translated from Russian)

Images Source: Daewoo;