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1997 Chrysler CCV (Composite Concept Vehicle)

According to Ken Mack, who manages the development of a "Composite Concept Vehicle" (CCV), Chrysler is on the verge of a successful low-cost, lightweight, and durable plastic car. Using old plastic soda bottles, chopped glass, rubber, and a substance to resist the effect of ultraviolet radiation, Mack's group can form a four-piece body that goes on top of a lightweight frame. No painting is needed.

The resulting car is about 1,200 pounds and can sell for about $6,000, thanks to a simple assembly process and the lack of paint. It would also be completely recyclable, so that old CCVs could end up being new ones, further reducing costs.

The CCV program was initiated by Bob Lutz, CC President, in late 1993. Like the Patriot hybrid racing vehicle, it was the result of collaborations with suppliers. The first CCV to be exhibited by Chrysler was the Pronto. A more advanced model was shown in September in Germany, and Mack expects production to begin in three years.


Images Source: Chrysler Corporation;; «РОДСТЕР ИЗ БУТЫЛКИ» ( М. КАДАКОВ) - Газета «АВТОРЕВЮ», 1998 год / № 11

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