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1997 Cardi Coupe

The coupe from "Cardi" is still called "Cardi-Coupe." But laconic, like the body itself, is built of planes, edges, and straight lines. These are the current trends in bodywork. And the Coupe hits the spot.

This was the third project of the Moscow firm. Stylistically, it is not similar to the previous ones - the Body roadster (1995) and the Next SUV (1996). But the continuity of ideas is seen not so much in the details as in the general originality and thoroughness of the elaboration and finishing of the body. As before, "Cardi" was distinguished not by its futuristic swing but by its aesthetic classicism. The car feels like the creators have relished every line.

At the same time, the reaction of the public to a number of their original solutions was checked - aerodynamic deflectors made of polished aluminum behind the side glass; a spare wheel, placed on top of the trunk in a niche, the walls of which smoothly pass into the rear pillars. The result is a unique design. The reaction, as well as to anything extraordinary, is ambiguous. Is every new Ferrari or Lotus unambiguous? They are simply beautiful and polished.

Under the fiberglass body "Coupe" - a spatial tubular frame, engine, and chassis of the BMW 325. Glasses and lighting technology - also from serial foreign cars.

Currently, the prototype is on the slipway of the experimental workshop. Work continues.

Source: "РАССЕКРЕЧЕНО" (Журнал "Мотор" 10-1997)

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