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1995 Sbarro Alcador

In 1995 Sbarro unveiled one of their first Ferrari conversions called the Alcador. It was built upon a Ferrari Testarossa chassis and featured a radical body by Franco Sbarro. Like many of Sbarro’s cars, the Alcador was fully functional.

Essentially the car was an open-air roadster with no front windscreen. Twin roll hoops were situated on either side of the body and presumably offered roll-over protection. The front and rear headlights are heavily recessed. The doors have deep cutouts reminiscent of the strakes from the Testarossa. The deepest surface in the door is clear Plexiglas. The third car featured more running lights and a rear diffuser.

The first Alcador painted silver and paved the way for two more conversions. Chassis #2 was a red car that was offered on eBay in 2004.


  • Built in: Switzerland

  • Production: 3

  • Engine: Mid, Longitudinal, V12

  • Power: 298.29999 kw / 400 bhp

  • bhp/weight: 307.69 bhp per tonne

  • Curb weight: 1300 kg / 2866.5 lbs


Images: Espera Sbarro;