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1993 Nissan AP-X

Marcello Gandini designed the Nissan AP-X Coupe concept. And guess what! It had a 0.20 drag co-efficient. A sports car to combine pleasure with responsibility, the AP-X features a new compact and super lightweight V6 engine with a high-performance toroidal CVT. The new concept car also has many active and passive safety features, combined with many fuel efficiency improvements.

It may have looked futuristic at first glance, but the intention with the AP-X was that if Nissan had wanted to put the car into production, it could have done so pretty much straight away.

Capable of replacing the S-13 200SX and 240SX along with the Z32 300ZX, the AP-X featured a 3.0-liter V6 up front driving the rear wheels via a CVT. With hatchback practicality and a surprisingly conservative interior, the AP-X could have been a great addition to the Nissan product range, but sadly it wasn't to be. What are your thoughts?

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