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1989 Plymouth Speedster

The Plymouth Speedster concept vehicle represents the mating of high-performance motorcycles and open sports cars. It's designed to appeal to 18-25-year-olds who embrace these vehicles and are also a primary buyer target for Plymouth.

Front fenders and hood are combined to form a motorcycle-type faring that wraps around the vehicle's front to the doors. Within the faring are pop-up upper and fixed lower light bars.

Speedster's low wraparound windscreen suggests a cross between a motorcycle air deflector and a down-sized roadster windshield.

The interior design furthers the motorcycle/sports car theme. A molded plastic tub forms a fixed seating surface upholstered with removable foam pads covered in a unique "wet suit" material.

Conceived to withstand the weather elements, Speedster's rugged interior can be hosed out for cleaning.

Adjustable driving positions are built into Speedster. Both steering and foot controls move for and aft. All major controls and instruments are mounted to the movable steering control fork.

Speedster. The name itself fills your senses with the kind of engineering excitement you'd expect from Plymouth. Using advanced computer designs, Plymouth created Speedster to reflect what the future may hold in automotive concepts.

Take a good look. Speedster represents a fantastic blend of high-performance motorcycles with open sports cars. Front fenders and hoods are combined to form a motorcycle-type fairing that wraps around the car's front to the doors. Inside this faring are pop-up upper and fixed lower light bars. The low wraparound windscreen consolidates the looks and functionality of a motorcycle air deflector and a cut-down roadster windshield. Driving this car is like stepping into a high-tech dream!

Speedster's interior further exemplifies the motorcycle/sports car inter-crossing. A molded plastic tub forms a fixed seating surface upholstered in a skin diver-type "wet suit" material with removable foam pads. Specifically designed to take on the elements, Speedster's interior can be cleaned quickly and easily with a water hose. And then, you're ready for the road again!

Driver and machine become one with steering and foot controls adjusted forward and backward. The interior is so pleasing and "tuned" to driver control that you could easily forget your destination and keep cruising! For a superior ergonomic environment, all major controls and instruments are mounted on a movable steering control fork.

Features/Engineering Highlights:

  • Normally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder Mitsubishi-built engine

  • Independent four-wheel suspension

  • Wheels and tires specially made with three-spoke vented fins for cooling

  • Four-wheel ventilated disc brakes

  • Three-speed automatic transmission

  • Power-assisted steering with a high response turning ratio


  • Overall Length: 130.2 inches

  • Overall width: 61.2 inches

  • Overall Height: 45.2 inches

  • Wheelbase: 81.7 inches

  • Track: 53.5 inches

Engine & performance:

  • Type: Mitsubishi-built, 4-cylinder

  • Capacity: 2.0-liter


  • Length: 3307 mm

  • Width: 1555 mm

  • Height: 1148 mm

  • Wheelbase: 2075 mm

Source:;; Chrysler; allcarindex

Images: Chrysler Corporation;;

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