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1988 Alfa Romeo 164 ProCar

From the early eighties, the European rounds of the F1 championship were supported by a 'Pro Car' series which saw famous drivers battle it out before each F1 race in a heavily modified BMW M1. As the M1 ended its production runs, a new car or a new series was needed to replace the Pro Car series as a support race. A new series was proposed with cars very similar to the contemporary F1 cars but with a body similar to road cars, a true silhouette series.

Only one car was built for the series as most manufacturers didn't want to invest the money needed. Alfa Romeo's race department Alfa Corse built that one car with a lot of help from the Brabham F1 team. The silhouette built resembled Alfa's top model, the 164. The engine remains unique as it is the only Alfa Romeo V10 engine ever built! With a top speed of over 210 mph, it was a bit faster than the F1 cars as its body shape allowed for a much higher top speed.

The 164 Pro Car was never raced and now remains a unique reminder of a wild plan. One of motorsport's best-kept secrets and a genuine would / could have been.

Source: ultimatecarpage

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