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1987 Daihatsu TA-X80

Daihatsu's TA-X80, a 2-seat mini-midi with a 1.0-liter twin-cam 24-valve turbo V6. The TA-X80 gets its name from Technology Advanced eXperimental and the fact that it marks the 80th anniversary of the Daihatsu company.

This vehicle has a two-door coupé type body with a mid-positioned engine delivering its power to all four wheels. The Daihatsu TA-X80's engine is a turbocharged petrol, 1 liter, double overhead camshaft six cylinders with four valves per cylinder. This powerplant produces 128 bhp (130 PS/95 kW) at 9000 rpm. The engine delivers its power to the wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission. Its claimed curb weight is 880 kg.

Source: Popular Mechanics, March 1988;

Images: Mario Buonocunto Concept Cars Page

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