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1982 Lincoln Continental Concept 90

The Lincoln Continental Concept 90 was a concept car from 1982. The car was designed for five passengers and was displayed in the Lincoln-Mercury exhibit to test public acceptance of its sleek rounded body that formed a subtle wedge shape.

Based on development models, the Continental Concept 90 was rated as having better aerodynamic efficiency than any luxury car built in the United States. In profile, the sleek, rounded, pearlescent-white, two-door hardtop exhibits a subtle wedge shape that results in an estimated coefficient of drag rating of only 0.32. The aerodynamic design also is apparent when viewed from above - slightly tapered at front and rear to hold airflow tight to the body. Continental Concept 90 has a low profile, with an overall height of 1351 mm. It sits on a 2751 mm wheelbase and is 5080 inches in overall length. By comparison, the 1982 Mark VI Lincoln Continental stands 1047 mm, the wheelbase is 2903 mm, and length is 5486 mm.

This concept was presented at the 1982 Chicago Auto Show.

Source: Lincoln Continental Concept 90 | Classic Cars Wiki | Fandom.

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