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1978 Colani Truck 2001

The famous Italian avant-garde designer L. Colani designed a prototype of the "2001 freight train of the year". In its development and construction, he collaborated with 19 companies, including FIAT (chassis), Pirelli (tires and wheels), Fichtel und Sachs (hydraulic equipment).

Colani sought to get Cx equal to 0.4. To do this, he proposed an entirely new architectural solution for the head of the train, minimized the gap between it and the semi-trailer, installed a side fairing between the tractor's wheels.

To dramatically improve safety, Kolani found a fundamentally new solution, thanks to which the module with the driver's compartment moves back and up along the guides during a frontal impact, and special hydraulic devices absorb the impact energy. In terms of safety, a round windshield with a three-blade propeller-type wiper is also of interest. The driver's workplace is equipped with control devices with digital rather than pointer indications. Audible signaling is widely used, which aims to unload the driver's attention from visual control of the instrumentation of the operation of the road train systems.

The aerodynamic drag coefficient of the second-generation tractor was reduced to 0.38, which made it possible to increase the average fuel consumption on the highway to 26.7 l/100 km.

The car of 2001 by L. Colani based on a FIAT truck tractor is another attempt to create a prototype truck ahead of its time.


  • year of construction - 1977

  • number of seats - 2

  • engine: type - diesel

  • number of cylinders - 8

  • working volume - 17,200 cm3

  • power - 350 l. s./266 kW

  • wheel formula - 4X2

  • road train length - about 15,000 mm

  • width - 2500 mm

  • height - 4000 mm

  • gross train weight - 38,000 kg

  • the highest speed is 120 km/h

Source: From the collection "Behind the wheel" 1988-11 (Translated from Russian)

Images: Colani Design; Marchi Mobile

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