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1974 Redd Foxx “Lil Redd Wrecker”

It was painted initially blue and named the Turnpike Hauler. It was built from scratch by Dick Dean from an Ed Newton design for Bob Reisner and Jay Ohrberg's California Show Cars in 1970. It was an "all show, no go" art car made for display only. Around 1974 it was acquired by customizer George Barris, who painted it red and renamed it Lil' Redd Wrecker, as a promotional tie-in with Redd Foxx, star of the popular TV show Sanford & Son. Barris brazenly claimed credit for building it in lettered paint right on the vehicle when all he did was give it a makeover! Currently, the Wrecker is owned and on display at the Galpin Auto Sports Museum in Los Angeles.


Images: via Pinterest; Discovery

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