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1973 Fiat 126 Minimaxi by Moretti

First shown in 1970, the Minimaxi cars (based first on the Fiat 500 and later the Fiat 126) became the mainstay of Moretti production in the 1970s.

From 1973 the 126 based Minimaxi became available. The design was a jeep-like car, complete with a folding front windscreen, no roof, and no doors. A folding canvas roof and canvas doors were available as options should they be required. The design remained essentially the same, noticeable differences being the addition of a rollover hoop behind the front seats and the adoption of the square headlights from the 126 (rather than the round 500 units). For the 126 based version, there was also offered a hard-top and metal doors with opening windows. A more comprehensive instrument cluster (including revcounter) could also be specified for those who required it.