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1972 Fiat 132 Aster by Zagato

During the ’60s and ’70s, along with sporty versions for Lancia and Alfa Romeo, Zagato carried out the study of bodies for the Fiat 850 Coupè Zagato presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1964, Fiat 125 GT Zagato Coupe of 1967 and the Fiat 132 Coupé Aster Zagato of 1972. Two examples were built at Zagato in Milano - a green car for the Turin Auto Salon 1972 and the Geneva Motor Show 1973, an orange vehicle - both cars are different in many details.

Editor's Note: These two prototypes are featured in the first Story Cars magazine. The current owner sent us exclusive photos and information to be featured. Get your digital or printed copy to learn more!

Images: Zagato