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Story Cars

Annually published and filled with car content curated by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Enjoy high-quality content, fan-generated research, and entertaining stories about the industry, car cultures, concept cars, auctioned vehicles, auto reviews, and custom builds.


Story Cars accepts contributions year-round to give car owners and lovers the chance to be published. Each publication is available in printed and eBook format. Grab your copy today!

- 2020 - 

In 2020, Story Cars began curating in-house content and accepting fan-generated stories to publish a fresh automotive magazine.

- 12 - 

Our contributors are from all around the globe. From 12 countries including Barcelona, Netherlands, Italy, France, England, Argentina, and the United States of America.

- 100 - 

Between our four magazine issues, Story Cars and its fans have generated over 100 intriguing, unique automotive stories ready to be read.

- 5,000 - 

The Story Cars magazine has claimed global reach in its three years of existence and has organically impressed over 5,000 viewers.

Our Magazine Editions

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Story Cars Magazine

​Do You Have a
Story Worth Sharing?

We believe every automotive enthusiast should have the chance to present their car story. Whether you own the car(s) or want to research and write about one, we're all ears! We offer a free opportunity for all car lovers to submit pieces to be published across the globe in print and digital formats. Below are (some) potential topics:

  • Car(s) that you or a family/friend own

  • How your automotive passion started

  • Research on concepts, movie cars, rare vehicles, and custom builds

  • Auto shows, car culture, and local car communities

Why Contribute?

- Become Published - 

Show your friends, frame it, keep it on your coffee table, or put it in your resume. Become a published car enthusiasts through Story Cars!

- Free Access -

Story Cars writers get unlimited, free access to digital versions of every Story Cars magazine.

Contribution Options

- 1/4 Page -

Requirements for submission:

  • Catchy title

  • 150-250 words

  • 1 relevant HD image

- Full Page - 

Requirements for submission:

  • Catchy title

  • 351-500 words

  • 1-6 relevant HD image

- 1/2 Page - 

Requirements for submission:

  • Catchy title

  • 251-350 words

  • 1-5 relevant HD image

- 2+ Pages - 

Requirements for submission:

  • Catchy title

  • 501+ words

  • 2+ HD image

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Our magazine is looking for automotive-related companies (auto shops, retailers, dealerships, detailers, etc.) to sponsor. Each year, we offer five sponsorships allowing companies to place sponsored material on our magazine pages, website, and social media properties.

Fill out the interest form to learn about sponsorship availabilities, features, and rates.

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