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1971 Lancia Stratos HF Prototype by Bertone

Bertone stunned the world at the 1970 Turin Motorshow with their Lancia Stratos HF Zero design. Nuccio Bertone initially wanted to call the ultra-compact wedge-shaped design Stratoline because of its space-ship-like appearance. Not much on the Stratos concept was conventional, except that the wheels were round. Fitted low and midships in the chassis was a 1.6 Lancia Fulvia powerplant. The running prototype featured an all-new monocoque style chassis custom-built for the Stratos.

In the next few months, the concept appeared in magazines worldwide, and Lancia talked with Bertone to construct a purpose-built rally based on the Stratos design. This car debuted at the 1971 Turin Motorshow and resembled the previous Stratos in name only. Even though Lancia was working on a new competition engine, Bertone fitted the Stratos with a Ferrari Dino engine which he had lying about. The extremely compact design looked like the winning recipe for the twisty roads used in rallies.

Nothing much happened in 1972 as Lancia was still waiting for their new competition engine. Late that year, Bertone suggested that Lancia stick with the Ferrari engine and start producing the Stratos. His suggestion received mixed reactions but works racing manager Cesare Fiorio was on his side. Finally, production of the 400 cars needed for homologation started. By October 1974, the Stratos was homologated for Group 4 rallying.

Over the next couple of years, the Stratos’ dominance was total. It scored 17 world championship victories and over 50 European championship victories. Victory in the legendary Monte Carlo rally was taken four out five times between 1975 and 1979. Two were converted to Group 5 road racing specifications with a Turbocharged engine. These silhouette-racers didn’t fare nearly as well as their Group 4 counterparts. At the end of the decade, it was replaced by the Fiat 131 Mirafiori.

Historically, few racing cars combined form and function and the Stratos did.

Source: Wouter Melissen -

Images: Mario Buonocunto Concept Cars Page