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1970 Evinrude Lakester designed by Brooks Stevens

You back this dune buggy down to the water's edge, and suddenly, it gives birth to a 14-foot fiberglass boat. After the cruise or waterskiing, an electric winch hauls the ship aboard its wheeled partner when you're back ashore—the same 50-hp outboard motor powers the dune buggy and boat. The buggy has standard Volkswagen running gear and an infinitely variable hydrostatic gearbox of the type used on high-power garden tractors. The prototype, a brilliant orange and pearlescent model, appeared at the San Francisco Boat show in January 1970. Created by Brooks Stevens, the Lakester is expected to sell for around $2,500 when it becomes available.

This unusual unit was created by renowned industrial designer Brooks Stevens and could take the concept of a beach buggy to a new level.

Just imagine: approaching the beach's edge in a comfortable buggy, you continue your journey across the water surface on a light and equally comfortable 4-meter fiberglass boat, and when you get tired of driving through the waves, you just as quickly return to land. No more hassle with the boat trailer and all!

This unusual device was called the Lakester. The chassis was based on Volkswagen units, which facilitated repairs and reduced the cost of construction. It was planned to sell the kit for $2,500, but like many similar projects, the Lakester remained a prototype.

Source: Two-in-one fun for the RV set - Popular Science, Mar 1970;

Images: aldenjewell's photostream;

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