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1968 Fiat Shellette by Michelotti

The Michelotti Shellette results from a collaboration between yacht designer Phillip Schell and famed automotive stylist Giovanni Michelotti. Michelotti was one of Italy's most important and influential stylists, servicing Vignale, Maserati, Lancia, BMW, etc. Based on a Fiat 850, the Shellette has been substantially reworked to the point where it bears little resemblance to the Fiat. The styling is dramatic and aero, reflecting the design trends of the mid to late '60s in Italy.

Unlike the much more common Fiat Jolly, the Shellette is a more refined and better-equipped machine. Featuring a drive-train capable of comfortably moving the car along at 60mph, it also has heat and a stereo system. The more luxurious Shellette was produced in low numbers – only 80. Of the 80 built, one found its way to Jacqueline Onassis, who used it on the Island of Skorpios, and an early DAF-based Shellette was used by the Dutch Royal Family at their summer residence in Porto Ercole. Today, of the less than ten known to survive, at least three reside in museum collections.