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1966 Fiat 124 Cabriolet by Touring

Seeing these photos, many will think that this is another craft from the ubiquitous tuners who abused the "penny" and made a convertible. But they didn't guess - this is the real factory Fiat 124 C4, which was released in 1966 with the help of the Carrozzeria Touring bodywork studio from Italy. The car is very rare if you can call it that, as it exists in a single copy.

The prototype was created based on the serial Fiat 124, which subsequently, with minimal changes, began to be produced in the Soviet Union under the brand name VAZ 2101 until 1988. At first glance, the car looks just like a sedan with a cut-off roof. But in fact, the convertible has a number of subtle differences that gave chic to the modest Fiat. So, the windshield was tilted for the sake of a dynamic silhouette. The doors were not only lengthened but also made a spectacular oblique trailing edge. And to give the body rigidity, the height of the thresholds was doubled.

This copy of the convertible was shown off at the Turin Motor Show in 1966 under the name "C4 Touring Superleggera" about a thousand applications for a car from individuals and dealers were also accepted there. To the delight of the studio, the Carrozzeria Touring studio decided to start a small-scale assembly of the new model. But this was not destined to come true. Fierce competition from major studios Pininfarina and ItalDesign forced Carrozzeria Touring to abandon this idea, and after a while, the studio declared itself bankrupt.


Images: Touring Superleggera