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1966 Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale by Pininfarina

Two recovered 365 P chassis received special bodywork, and this white supercar, built on chassis 8971, was one of Sergio Pininfarina's first designs. It was built in a pair of cars ordered by Fiat Boss Gianni Agnelli. One was prematurely displayed at the 1966 Paris Motor Show without its full running gear on Pininfarina's stand.

The 365 P was a radical platform for a new design study intended as a Le Mans contender. Located midship, the 4.4 liter V12 which powered this car produced 380 horsepower, which was in detuned form. Internally at Pininfarina, the car was known as Coupe Ferrari 3 Posti for its unique three-seat design. Much like the McLaren F1, it has a central driver's position with two seats at each driver's side. This layout is advantageous because it gives the driver a high level of visibility and maximizes interior space.

Pininfarina's exterior design lent many traits from the Dino prototypes shown in 1965. Because of its numerous similarities and hefty engine, the 365P Speciale can be seen as one of the father cars to the 206/246 production cars.


Images: Pininfarina;

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