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1966 AMC AMX-II Concept

Another Project IV car, the AMX II was eight inches longer than the Vignale car; its notchback styling, by freelance stylist Vince Gardner, resembled the Buick Riviera. The AMX II is a modified version of the fastback theme introduced in the 1966 American Motors AMX Concept. Its more generous dimensions permit additional features, including a full trunk.

The wheelbase of the AMX II is 110 inches. Overall length is 187 inches, width 72 inches, and height 51 inches. The side and front window glass are curved. The rear window offers a unique modified “V” appearance to compliment the rear deck sculpture.

Finished in deep metallic green paint, the four-passenger AMX II has a double pinstripe in gold accenting the lower body. The sides are free of ornamentation except for the brushed aluminum edging on the ribbed rocker panels. Wide dual reverse air scoops are recessed into the hood. Windshield wiper blades are concealed by a panel that raises when activated wipers.

The grille has a horizontal multi-bar theme with retractable headlight covers in the same design for added appearance of width. The massive front bumper turns up at both ends to protect the forward-thrusting front fenders. Large 7.75×14 inch tires are mounted on mag-type wheels.

Safety features showcased in the AMX II design include doors that will lock automatically when the engine is started. New safety-designed taillights are divided into three color sections. Green lights will indicate the car is in motion. Amber lights will show when the driver removes his foot from the accelerator, and red lights will appear when braking. Rear fenders contain rectangular reflectors on the sides for added safety.

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