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1965 Fiat 850 Sportiva by Moretti

In 1964 Moretti began working with the Fiat 850, releasing that year a four-door three-box saloon, a two-door coupe (very similar to the 500-based design), and a spider. In 1965 the Sportiva emerged at the usual venue, the Turin Motorshow. It was powered by the 843cc engine with 47bhp, straight from the Fiat 850 and clothed in a body borrowing heavily from the design of the Dino spider. Versions were also available with an engine tuned by Giannini (70bhp) or a 982cc engine with 62bhp, the latter known as the '1000SC'.

It was changed very slightly in 1968, then in 1969 the second series featured new headlights and grille. Around 400 series I cars were built, and 300 series II. A four-seat 'Berlinetta sportiva' was also built, which had similar styling to the two-seat coupe.

Moretti 850SS/1000SC Sportiva Coupé/Trasformabile 2 Posti, 1965-68

Moretti 850 Sportiva S2 Coupé/Trasformabile 2 Posti, 1969-71

Moretti 850 Sportiva S4 Berlinetta 4 Posti, 1969-71

Designer: Dany Brawand



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