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1965 Bugatti Type-101C by Exner/Ghia

This gorgeous car was built on the last chassis produced by the original Bugatti company. Although the chassis was built in 1951, it languished until 1961 when it was delivered to Virgil Exner, the famed American auto designer. The car, as seen in the picture, was completed in 1965 by Ghia from an Exner design and has been dubbed “the Last Bugatti”. This car debuted at the 1965 Turin Motor Show with hopes of reviving the Bugatti marquee. Although the car received great enthusiasm at the show, due to financial constraints, Bugatti just could not be resurrected.

Before this car, ten other examples of Type 101 were produced each with different coachwork. The Type 101s sat atop a modified type T57 chassis and included a 3.3-liter straight eight-cylinder engine, good for 200 hp.


Images: Automobile Quarterly - July 1987