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1965 Autonova Fam

Sibona-Basano made several prototypes from designs by Pio Manzù, like Autonova GT or Autonova Fam from 1965. With assistance from NSU, Glas, Recaro, VDO, and Boge, this early minivan featured a variable interior configuration and a horizontally split rear hatch. Instead of a steering wheel, it used a yoke with integral switches. Unusual features included an electronically controlled manual transmission, load-leveling suspension struts, and progressive steering, which reduced the steering wheel travel to 280 degrees lock-to-lock.

The four-cylinder engine by Glas is 1281 cc, 60 hp (44 kW). It still employed rear-wheel drive. It was presented at the 1965 Frankfurt Show (IAA) in NSU stand along with the Autonova GT.



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