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1964 Willys Capeta

In 1964, Willys presented a sports car known as the Capeta, a Portuguese word for "Devil". With a body made of fiberglass, the Capeta was built by the Willys Style Department. The coupe is highlighted by the elongated front, which ends up dividing the front grill. The headlights are round and the small arrow lanterns are rectangular. Also noteworthy in the sports car is an air intake located in the center of the hood, as well as two air vents on the sides.

Unlike its younger brother, the Interlagos (whose most powerful version had a 1.0-liter 70hp engine), the Capeta's performance is much closer to a sports car; it was equipped with a 2.6-liter, six-cylinder, 148-hp engine that allowed the car to reach a maximum speed of 180km/h. The vehicle's transmission was created by the brand's racing department. The interior featured leather benches and rosewood appliqués on the doors and panel.

The sports car featured developments that would later be used in other models of the brand, such as the four-gear box, the six-cylinder engine itself, with a head with detachable intake manifolds and two horizontal double-body carburetors. Unfortunately, the beautiful model never hit the streets, and the doubt whether the Capeta was a prototype or just a show vehicle persists.

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