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1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint HS by Bertone

In 1960, the 2000 Sprint made its debut: an elegant and luxurious coupe, 700 of which were built up until 1962. That same year, Bertone also created a 4-seater convertible version of the car, which was not produced commercially. Bertone was also behind the design of the 2000 and the Giulia T.I. In 1963, the Frankfurt Motor Show unveiled the Giulia GT, which replaced the Giulietta Sprint while repeating its enormous success: more than 200,000 of them were built up until 1977, in versions and engine adaptations in the world of car racing as well. It was also in 1963 that Bertone prepared two cars destined to remain one-offs: the 2600 Sprint HS and the Giulia Sprint Speciale. The following year, Bertone produced a coupe built on a Giulia TZ chassis, destined to become a benchmark in the world of car design: the Canguro. Unveiled at the Turin Motor Show, the Canguro boasted a futuristic shape, with windows flush with the car body and the bonnet and panels produced in a wraparound unit hinged at the front.

Source: A Century of History: Alfa Romeos by Bertone

Images: Bertone